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Home Renovations : All over Melbourne

Choose home contractor for your house renovation & alteration in Melbourne

Renovations, restoration, and alteration are some of the tailor-made services that we offer to our clients.  Rather than taking the hard decision of selling your home or moving out, you can get it renovated for a new look and feel with additional functional spaces.

We have had clients who hate to move out of a good neighbourhood, but their current homes do not meet the requirements.  It’s a conundrum that we love to solve.  We can reshape and rebuild your home to reflect your style, tastes and needs and what more, our experts can make your home energy efficient and significantly reduce those pesky monthly bills for you.

How it works

We have a well-laid process that allows us to plan your renovation to the T and ensure that you have your home back on time, as good as new.  Our team of experts is drawn from various aspects of the construction industry and their recommendations are as good as gold.

How it works

Step 1

Our process begins with your vision, requirements and your future needs and how you envision the space around.  We will work with you in selecting a design that can be worked upon.

How it works

Step 2

Our team of experts step in with site inspection, soil testing and documentation process gets underway.

How it works

Step 3

We draw up preliminary plans that meet your vision and requirements.

How it works

Step 4

You get to play around with colours, shades, and hues.  Select the one that makes the most sense to you.  Our interior experts can help you with the trendiest shades of the year.

How it works

Step 5

This is where we make plans for building permits and our engineers get busy with drawings and plans.

How it works

Step 6

Once the permits are granted, we begin the renovation process.